Anything Fibreglass Australia is located 14km s/w of Brisbane C.B.D., our business operates from a purpose built 1000sq m fibreglass manufacturing facility complete with post curing facilities so no matter what the weather, production never slows down.

Perfection is what we pride ourselves on and this is why your products will be 100% quality every time and that's why our customers keep coming back, they have peace of mind and faith in our abilities. With commitment to quality standard and correct trade practices that are followed throughout the entire process, we can guarantee our products and repairs for life! If it’s a one off job or if you want a production run we can handle anything at all, big or small we do it all!
We specialise in custom fibreglass product design and provide engineering, testing and certification to ASA standards. We can deliver and install anywhere in Australia.

Fibreglass Manufacturing

We are specialist fibreglass
manufacturers based in Brisbane
providing quality workmanship in the following fibreglass services.
• Designing Fibreglass Moulds
• Fibreglass Mould Pattern Making
• Fibreglass Mould Making
• Manufacturing Fibreglass
• Qualified Plug Makers
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Custom Fibreglass Design

From "one off" custom fibreglass
products through to large
production runs of thousands
of products we can handle it.
• Fibreglass Product Design
• All Fibreglass Services
• Fibreglass Moulds and Plugs
• Post Curing Facilities
• From Concept to Final Products
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Fibreglass Repairs

No matter how badly damaged
your fibreglass product is,we
can get it looking like new again.
Any fibreglass product including:

Fibreglass Shower Cubicles


Fibreglass Boat Repairs


Fibreglass Ponds

• Fibreglass Refrigeration
• Fibreglass Tanks
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Fibreglass Products

We can manufacture any
fibreglass product you require
and specialise in custom
fibreglass products.

Fibreglass Shower Cubicles


Fibreglass Cyclone Shelters

• Fibreglass Boats & Trailers
• Fibreglass Dog Baths
• Fibreglass Aquaculture Tanks
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